Diddly Squat. That’s what we know about everything. Not a thing. Nothing. Diddle and squat. You know why?

‘Cos it all changes, all the time, and when things are always moving, how can you know everything about anything, let alone anything about everything?

Some people think they know everything; some think they know everything about something, and some people even have the gall to think they know everything about it all! All of it! Life, the universe, and everything! They wrote books about it. And what was the answer?

So, how much do you know? Know it all? Nearly all? Most? Half? Some? Not much? Nothing?

The latter – it’s always the latter. You know why, don’t you?

Because once a seeking creature stops seeking because they know everything they need to know – what’s left? The only thing they might not know everything about. Moving beyond the life where they did know it all (or said they did). They move across the line, down the track, over the rainbow, pass beyond the realm of the living.

Birth, life, death. What do we really know about any of it?

We are born; a squalling and feeble creature in need of serious nurturing to enable a full life. We live a life to the (hopefully) best of our abilities; we learn and grow and impart the knowledge we’ve gained to the youngers of our society; we age gracefully (nearly wrote gracelessly – whoops!) and decide when to drop off the perch.

What then?

Do you want to know anything about that side of things? Beyond?

People have died for short periods, then returned. They talk the words that come closest to giving some explanation of what happened, but it’s never enough. And science calls the brain-spark something that isn’t anywhere near what the person feels they experienced. Even religion can’t quite come up with the depth and width and power of that journey.

And the people who went through that blip on their life-path develop views that range from the devil-may-care attitude all the way through to god-is-my-life attitude. But put them in the same room together, and the air changes.

An energy blooms like a spring garden, all at once and slow as an avalanche. A crushing sensation of love and fate and destiny. Power that is so gentle and so encompassing that the sun would be gentled with a glance of lowered eye-lids.

Unless the person saw the dark side – and there is always a dark side. Equal and opposite.

That’s the lesson, isn’t it?

We know squat about either side, but we do know that it’s something you don’ t mess with; you don’t pretend you know all there is to know. And you wait until the time is your time, or which side do you think will choose you?


Copyright Karel Jaeger 2017.



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