A New Conceptual Idea

Being a deaf mute with aspirations of composing the music in his head; being blind with aspirations of dance – can these two things come together? Can the dancer who can’t see move to the music only the deaf can hear?

To go blindly into this concept would be madness, but I have a friend who is deaf and also loves music – of course, not the way I know music, because I only have six senses and I lack the most important sense that would enable me to see, hear, or feel his compositions.

His friend, a blind woman, loves to dance. She can’t see the stage, or how other bodies move in those rhythms, but the way she moves is sublime, subtle, graceful as a petal opening.

When they meet one night a week to practice the things they love, it could look like something crazy. It doesn’t. More people hear about it, more come. The dancers sway and swing to music that a normal can’t absorb, can’t sense. These dancers feel it, taste it, and they all move in synch, better in fact than if they were sighted. They hear something from the orchestra of deaf musicians, who also move in a synchronicity that belies the lack of the sense that moves the stirrup in their ears.

This music is special, it is different, and it is only for those who have so many more than the simple six senses.

Not for you, not for me; but to watch, to feel the wooden floor under the bare feet, to close the eyes and become part of the frisson in the air – that is magic.

Like I said, a new concept for a story – is it interesting? And before you ask, yes, I do have friends who can’t hear, friends who can’t see; I also have friends who can’t walk, but no one questions their ability to do more than sit and wait for what life dishes out.

This story is about what happens when moved beyond normal to beyond, to superfy what was once considered below par, or different in a way that makes it unwanted, or that makes one person better than another. This is a story about dreams that become reality – and it’s not new: who was the deaf composer whose work we still all hear? This is a story that will become like the one for people who once lost limbs and never dreamed of being able to walk again – and of course, they can now, can’t they? Someone dreamed it, did what it took, did something. Dream, Learn, Do – put the dreams into reality, and what happens?



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  1. Yes. It is a great idea. Oddly, I was just thinking about the power of combining things that usually don’t go together. Many creative types describe that as a basis for creative ideas.

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