Craft Skills, Tools and Weapons for Use

Recommended reading:

Save the Cat, Blake Snyder;
Story Engineering, Larry Brooks; (& Story Physics)
The Writers Journey, Christopher Vogler;
Story, Robert McKee;
WEA courses on Creative Writing {City of Adelaide} – straight talkin’, great message, good learnin’

Check out: SpecFicChic

From ‘da blog:

Moving and Shaking
The Story Wall


Going on a Journey


The Three Dimensions of Thee

Story Infinity

The Simple Things About Story

Chain of Events

The E-Publishing Side
Short Words Syndrome

Blank Page Syndrome
And Then Along Came …
Good Places for a Writer to Visit
A Matter of Interpretation
More on The Beginning of it All
Still more of Where Are We?
A Checklist! For Scenes . . .
An Element of Structure
A Little Piece of Advice
… wait for it!!!

Keep watching for more additions to the skill-set, the craft elements of writerly things.