Short Stories from the Authors

Baban Rose Brimson
Rose Brimson
Gram’s Wisdom
Rose Brimson
A Move to the Country
 Rose Brimson
The Wall Karel Jaeger
The Music of Death Karel Jaeger

The following are included in Stories In Shorts

Cat’s Eye Cage Dunn
The Old Man and His Desert Karel Jaeger
The Truth About RumpledStiltedSkin Karel Jaeger
To Tell it How it Really Is Rose Brimson
The Garden of Souls Karel Jaeger
Shrine Karel Jaeger
A Quiet Night Shannon Hunter
Practical Issues Cage Dunn
The Storm Shannon Hunter
A Thought Rose Brimson
Gone Cage Dunn
Was it a Light? Cage Dunn

Additions in the book (but not here):

Someday, or The Day After – Rose Brimson
Maneki Niko – Cisi De
Survive – Cisi De
Cat Whisperer – Cisi De
Burglar! – Cage Dunn
Baban – Rose Brimson
Tones of Dawn – Shannon Hunter
Min-Min – Rose Brimson

About the Authors: 

Cage Dunn is a storyteller, a dreamer, an imaginer. Some would say Fibber, Fabricator, Teller-of-Tall-Tales. Yep – a storyteller. Met a few people on the travels around everywhere, and they have something to contribute to the knapsack of stories Cage carries around, to draw on whenever the words are ready to become real. Now it’s time to put all those life experiences into stories.

I/We write like Agatha Christie!

Shannon Hunter is a dreamer and wanderer. She loves a good story, and can weave a deep hole in the world in the attempt to get to the best understanding all who live and breathe there. Welcome to her world, where horses, dogs, cats and all sorts of critters have their own thoughts and dreams and stories to tell. Shannon lives wherever she damn-well pleases, and moves on in the flash of a distant fancy. She will be where the stories are rich in the ground-swell of need and completion. Yes, she may appear to be off with the fairies, but that’s what happens when you chase story.

Karel Jaeger is an adventurer who loves to travel, in the real world, in the e-world, and in the psyche world. And that’s where he lives: in the places he travels. Keeps in contact with people through the ubiquitous e-links – even if he travels to the dark spots, to the darkest caves, to the blackest minds. He’ll be back – has too many more words to share.

Rose Brimson is retired from all things but words. She writes every day – stories, columns, offerings to the e-world, politicians (because they just don’t behave well, do they?). She has a lot of words left over, so she came to the group to offer the advice of a Nan, and to be the strong and loud and proud.

Cisi De is a quiet person who loves to disappear into the world of story. She is learning how to toughen her skin so she can make bigger stories and share them with the world.