There’s nothing to write about today. The world is empty. We have empty promises, empty oceans, empty towns. Our politicians bow down to the big-bad-boys from the bigger and badder companies – sorry, countries – and we have no say in how many of these things invade our shores and take from us (and take and take and take) but never give back. We supply blood and effort so the big boys do better, smile at us, don’t kick us in the teeth.

Doesn’t that sound a lot like the bullying that went on in school? Probably still goes on, if we take current affairs to be the aim for greatness.

Because it is bullying, but on a much larger scale. Big Boy Trump has declared that only his country has the right to be able to manufacture, and they will only buy from within. But other countries – allies he calls them to their face, a-holes to their backs – have to buy from him and his, and not argue the point. Because the rules don’t apply to the big boys, do they? They have a god-given right to tell you what to do, how to do it, and why to do it.

And we take it.

But consider this.

Do we have to take our hard-earned into the places that don’t belong to us? No, we don’t. If it’s good enough for Trump to espouse the maxim of buying only of your own, then so should we.

Do we have to allow those companies to push out our own? No. They’re not going to last long if no one goes in the door. The big tax-breaks they take back to pay people in their own world can stay here and maybe do some good for the 7%(+) who are unemployed or underemployed or retired early due to failure to find work. Too much more of this, and even the big boys won’t find a profit in us and they’ll go elsewhere to find friends to pay – sorry – play up to.

How many people do we need on board to seek for our government to place a ‘ban’ on all Trump pushes into our world?

If his words came from a third world country, we’d be quick to condemn and threaten with sanctions and worse.

Now is the time to do that to the person who says he’s running the most powerful country in the world, because if we don’t stand up to the bullies now, when can we? When the other biggest country in the world decides to take over and shove him out? Where will we be then?

Caught in the middle, like the smallest kid in the rectangle when the two gangs decide to show just how tough they are by killing the weakest and flaunting it as a show of strength.

Do something, Prime Minister Turnbull, before the last bell tolls, and we who suffer have to remember your name as the lad who didn’t step in to save the life when he had a chance. You know what we call people who stand by and do nothing, who say big words but do nothing? Yes, you know.

The words above may be a personal opinion, but beware how many people have them, and what they’re willing to do, especially when that’s all they have to put in their mouths because all the work has gone … to the big boys.

Where is that picture of the jack-boots?